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Among the myriad types of website design, one that is clean and has negligible fluff provides the best user experience. Many companies have a penchant or at least a preference to go for complicated website design features, high end graphics and too many animations on every webpage. Such graphic design may be a personal favorite of yours but it doesn’t make for an ideal user experience.

There are three elements in any website design that define user experience. First is the combination of simplicity of designs and visual appeal. Second is the combination of layout and the fonts of content used in the design. Third is the navigability or the sitemap.

When a website design is simple, with a combination of pleasant colors and images, without any heavy graphics or distractions in any form, the visual appeal is at its most impressive. While anyone may find a very complicated design to be enticing and unique, decking up a webpage with too many design elements or animated features can spoil the visual simplicity. A user needs to feel comfortable viewing the site. Whenever a user comes across to the home page or any webpage on the site, there shouldn’t be a sense of shock or being taken aback due to the design. It should be pleasant on the eyes and a user should find it easy to relate to the website design.

The layout of the content and the font is very significant for a user to easily read the information provided. Fancy fonts or layouts that simply complicate the flow of information mentioned on the website are not desirable features. Contents split across a webpage, changing fonts or incongruent layouts which do not sync with the layout of the other pages or sections of the same webpage are factors that spoil the user experience.

Navigability, the third element of website design that determines user experience, has to be simple and prompt. A user shouldn’t have to scratch his or her head and spend two minutes to figure out where a particular page or content might be which was the reason for him or her to visit the website in the first place.

The reality is that a user visits a website for a purpose and the job of a business or the website is to attend to that purpose. A simple, neat and clean website design does exactly that.