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You’ve got your website, designed by the talented team at Colour Creation. Your website is just one of the online platforms that can promote your business, in short, it’s a portfolio of your company.

Prospective customers can check you out, learn about your products, services, USPs, niche areas, a bit about you, and much more.

And while a website contains relevant information, a website is also a confluence of textual content, images, videos, professional graphics, interactive features, e-commerce and a great deal more besides.

Yet your website has an overall layout, in other words a graphic design that a web designer or developer has created for you.

This graphic design should appeal to your customer base and target audience.

What is graphic design?

Professional graphic design is crucially important for a business website.

When customer visit your website, the first thing they see is the overall ‘impression’. Colour palette, layout, font … many of these aspects will have been carefully considered during the build of your website.

This first impression or interaction can be ‘make or break’ … a customer will stay on your website to discover more or bounce away from. Hopefully, it is usually the former.
The graphic design of your website is crucial.

Graphic designs are high quality, unique images that are bespoke to your brand and are a powerful way of standing out from the rest of the ‘noise’.

The flow of your website

The flow of your website is also very important as it allows customers to embark upon a journey through your products, services and business portfolio.
Great graphic design is one of the tried and tested ways to ensure the user experience (UX) of your brand is smooth, relevant and cohesive.

Each business will have a different method of interacting with their customer base and so your unique design should gently push your visitors around the site and take the action you desire.

Attraction is key

Professional graphic design ensures a website is more enticing, visually appealing and enhances the UX. Putting together a random selection of image or other design elements simply don’t blend or bind with your company message or ethos.

Professional graphic design maintains congruence and underpinning a harmonious message among all the design elements.

In conclusion, professional graphic design can help create an indelible impression upon the users of your website while maintaining simplicity and elegance.