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We knew that our new website needed to be something special. We've been typically rigorous in our approach, identifying areas where we could improve. We know keenly that the internet is now a crowded marketplace, and therefore we have to constantly seek to improve and showcase our abilities in design & development to stay ahead of the pack.

We have integrated animations, modern UX approaches and functionality into our new website that we believe offer a memorable and intuitive experience.

From start to finish, everything was built by our own hands. Meaning we have the ability to refine and reshape as we see fit.

Our experience in web development means we're confident in getting fantastic results. We can deliver the same for you, let us take your business to the moon or mars.

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Without a campaign for growth, a re-brand may not live up to it's full potential. Key to promoting this exciting development was a coordinated push on social media platforms, email marketing and more. We don't just sit back though, using analytical software we can refine and refocus our approach to get the best results.

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As with many a rebranding exercise we began with the design of our new logo, eventually designing a icon which used the CC letters of each of the Colour Creation words, that was then placed into a black square. We then began the process of designing business cards, stationery, email templates and so on.

colour creation logo


Colour creation decided to refine are capabilities into four areas of services and expertise: Design, Brand, Develop & Grow. CC has gained so many new capabilities over the years it was important that these should be reflected clearly to our prospective and established clients. These four areas of services and expertise were then filtered through into various areas of the website and brand identity.

Then began the build of the our new and exciting rebranded website, ploughing all our knowledge and passion into its creation. For us the most important areas to design for the website are the home page and portfolio, the home is the first encounter with the company and must be instantly trusted and impress, the portfolio is so important to any design company as it shows the quality and breadth of design the company has created over the years.

The imagery of the website and brand identity was always intended to be interesting and creative, showing potential clients the skills, expertise and imagination that the company could achieve.