colour creation logo


We created a series of options for the home page, full screen or windowed. Both worked very well with the client preferring a windowed approach. A centralised property search with options for the rental of flat or houses, nicely divided by opposite colours. The handsome logo font moved through into the elegant navigation and information areas. A coloured Google map was incorporated using the blue and gold to divide up the properties clearly into flats and houses for rent. The Latest properties were simplified into just image and rental cost. Overall the web design was a smooth transition from the new handsome logo.


With a business called crown properties the logo tends to create itself, we just needed to find the right place for the obvious to come to fruition. A noble font combined with a stately colour scheme with a well defined crown. The logo discovery process gave the basis for a number good options for the client. Eventually they settled for a handsomely angled gold crown supported by a dark blue serifed font, sophisticated yet simple. Job done.

cc logo


The establishment of the logo was the foundation for the rebranding process of all web and social media imagery . Essentially, we had our defined our colour and font palette. We just needed to continue these foundations through carefully composed web graphics and tonal blue images.