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Colour Creation designed the York Marina website with a Content Management System (CMS) facility. A CMS allows them complete control over the text shown on their own website. It lets them display the range of boats they have for sale and adapt the wording of their website to exactly reflect their business.

york marina website york marina website
york marina website
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We were also able to design a series of email promotions driving visitors to the website for boat sales as well as to the Marina itself.

Our understanding of the print industry meant that were able to supply York Marina with an efficiently sourced and effectively designed range of brochures. These brochures are posted to online enquirers or given out on site.

york marina brochure
colour creation logo


York marina wanted to revamp their branding across their website and brand collateral. After a discussion with York marina they emphasised the importance of lifestyle and heritage to the business model & peoples perception of the brand. People want to be part of this lifestyle and the brand had to evoke such feelings of class and quality of life experienced through the marina. The rebranding found its direction through the design of the new website home page, incorporating a new magazine layout and marina tour video evoking the life style of the marina and its history. These branding ideas then filtered throughout the redesign of their brand.