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A good quality website makes a business much more accessible and gives you a much further reach to customers, it gives them an easy way to find out details about your business such as the products and services you offer. It also means that they can access this information at any time and don’t have to find the time to ring up during business hours.

The internet is often the first place a potential customer will go to look up information about what they need, millions of people are searching the web at any given time which means with no website or a low quality one, you will lose many sales to competitors, they may not know your business exists otherwise if they haven’t heard about it through traditional methods. It also makes your business appear more modern and credible to potential customers, it is important to keep a website up to date as web technologies are constantly changing and an old website can make a business look outdated and deter potential customers.

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses with websites experience an average of 39% greater revenue per year than those without websites. According to a Nielsen Advertising Survey, 2012, 58% of global online consumers said they are more likely to trust a company with “owned media,” such as a company with a website, versus one who doesn’t. They also found that consumers say they trust online consumer reviews second from personal recommendations.