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A good quality website makes a business much more accessible and gives you a much further reach to customers, it gives them an easy way to find out details about your business such as the products and services you offer. It also means that they can access this information at any time and don’t have to find the time to ring up during business hours.

Colour Creation has been creating websites for nearly a decade, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients and delivered great work at fantastic value. Our primary goal is to create websites that project your vision, your brand, your mission into a crowded world. Would a uniform, template website speak to your prospective users? Or a reasonably priced, bespoke design with everything tailored to you, be more suitable? Don’t sell yourself short, speak to us about how we can help grow your business.

We primarily use WordPress as it’s not only the most popular CMS system available, but one that both prospective and current clients request from us. WordPress is open source, which means that when you enlist our services to build a website, we don’t lease the website to you like some agencies, you OWN the website. We then maintain and support YOUR website, keep it secure, monitor growth and implement SEO strategies should you require this. However if you ever decided to leave, though we’d be sad to lose you, we’d always understand. We’d package up your website and deliver it to your new home without any fuss, after all, it’s YOUR website. We have had many clients find a new home with us after an acrimonious parting from their previous agency, designer or host. It’s is our goal to maintain a bond of trust that is both highly professional but also personable. We won’t deliberately mislead you, or keep you shackled to us with an unreasonable deal.

Our Portfolio demonstrates some of our more recent websites, but they don’t tell the full story. We believe that our existence relies upon not only continually creating high quality work, but also offering a service that pledges to support you at every step. We’re committed to offering support and advice and we almost always do this without thinking about our bottom line, because building strong relationships between ourselves and you, the client, will always be what defines us.



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